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And, weighing very, very heavily with this discussion is YouTube Music, whose music streaming service is supposed to arrive by Christmas. That has the possible to create another very serious problem for Spotify, and, in accordance with one source, may be motivating accelerated expansion plans into ‚the ROW,corporate-speak for ‚rest of the world.‘

Update: July 6th, 2013: This article was published last August, but there was clearly a crucial error just raised (because of No l Ramos of Independent Music Conference for realizing it). The axes were actually reversed, meaning ‚Musical Groups and Artistsand ‚Recorded Music Shipmentswere representing a bad things; the corrected graphic is below (the storyline itself continues to be same).

Universal is performing the identical to the original Moody Blues. Not one cent of royalties for 48 years. Even tho they are questioned over this (the main 5 did NOT sign their rights away) Universal claims they don t must tell the band members anything. It s not about music, it s not about the artist s rights it s exactly about greed and corruption.

However, in countries like U.S.A and Canada, the justice system generally takes every word from the female as truth. In this case, a man, who is viewed as an oppressor within the eyes from the SPLC and ACLU. He will be under more scrutiny by the justice system and within the end he could incriminate himself. Take into factor that if a female claims he approached her, or anything which she can exaggerate, he can turn into a defendant, and so the musician could possibly have attemptedto steer away from a legal court, or he could be blind to the misandry.

Its nice to find out the breakdown of every artist and also the quantity of streams and listeners they have, however the question I am playing is; why would a company spend some time as well as to produce and support a platform that, even though wildly successful, won’t ever generate enough revenue to guide the label or even the artists?