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How cell phones are empowering Filipino females and girls

This series of guest blogs features on-the-ground perspectives from each of our research partners around the world as part of our Women’s Rights Online research. In this article, Lisa Garcia, Programme Coordinator Gender & ICT, and Christina Lopez, Programme Assistant, during the Foundation for Media Alternatives , share focus team insights as to how cellphones are changing the way in which Filipino women communicate.

The Philippines may be the 12th country that is largest on the planet, with a populace of over 100 million. And its particular footprint that is global is, with more than 10 million Filipinos residing and working throughout the world, making mobile and online interaction vital.

just exactly How Filipinos communicate has changed quickly, but just 43% of Filipinos have actually online access . Smart phones are helping alter this. The amount of Filipino ladies who currently have usage of cell phones and reap the benefits of their usage is regarding the increase, as well as many it really is their very first device that is web-enabled.

Due to the value in smart phones in increasing online access, we wished to discover more about just exactly how women can be with them. Included in the Women’s Rights Online task, we conducted a number of focus team conversations for more information from women, students, housewives and working feamales in concerning the observed great things about their smart phones. We focussed with this combined team due to the 43% regarding the Filipino populace which includes Web access, the majority is situated in towns.

The conversations indicated that the cellular phone is the very first range of electronic unit among numerous Filipino women. Pokračovat ve čtení „Around The Globe Internet Foundation“